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City officials want to redesign intersection, stretch of road

On behalf of Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C. posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Friday, August 10, 2012

The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is considering safety changes to a major road in the area. According to reports, several pedestrian accidents have occurred on Cerrillos Road, one of the main avenues of travel in the city.

At the intersection of Cerrillos Road and Herrera Drive, a male pedestrian was killed. That accident occurred in March, and police found that the driver who collided with the man was not at fault. Two months later, a city bus driver was cited after hitting a man at the intersection of Cerrillos Road and Don Diego Avenue. A month after that accident, a female pedestrian was struck by a car while crossing Cerrillos Road. She was 51 years old, suffered minor injuries and was cited for jaywalking.

Despite state transportation department ownership of both Cerrillos Road and St. Michael's Drive, city officials have been planning to design and reconstruct the intersection as well as a long stretch of the main thoroughfare. That redesign includes areas of Cerrillos Road from St. Michael's Drive to Camino Carlos Rey. According to a city traffic engineer, construction will begin in 2015.

The corner of Cerrillos Road and St. Michael's Drive has seen several incidents since last year. One pedestrian was severely hurt after being struck by a vehicle, receiving injuries that could have been disabling. The other pedestrian, a 46-year-old female, was struck at that intersection last year and killed. Authorities believe that this incident was caused by pedestrian error.

More recently, a 49-year-old woman stepped off the curb at the crosswalk and was struck by a Jaguar. Reports indicate that the driver did not have enough time to react. The woman was staying at a motel in the area when the accident occurred. She reportedly suffered injuries to her spine and head.

Officials believe that drivers are not aware of a crosswalk at the intersection. There is a free right turn lane that allows drivers to turn right freely without worry of a traffic signal at the intersection. Leading up to that turn are several signs that tell drivers to be cautious of pedestrians.

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