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Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Albuquerque Lawyer Advocating for Plaintiffs in Motor Vehicle Collision Cases

Injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident can lead to brain trauma, paralysis, permanent disabilities, or death. The driver at fault for the accident can be held accountable for the injuries caused by their negligent driving. In many cases, however, people who attempt to claim compensation from a defendant or an insurance company find that obstacles arise for various reasons. Albuquerque car accident attorney Matthew Vance has a thorough understanding both of common injuries in car accidents and of the tactics used by insurance companies to try to deny coverage to injured people. Having accumulated insurance defense experience earlier in his career, Mr. Vance uses his insider perspective to the advantage of car accident victims. Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are a major cause of injuries in New Mexico and throughout the United States. Some circumstances that may lead to severe injuries or death include traveling at a high speed at the time of impact, the weight and size of the vehicles, a pedestrian accident, unbuckled seat belts, the location of the collision, and the amount of time before medical treatment is administered.

Head injuries are particularly serious and tend to occur after hitting the windshield, steering wheel, or car frame. Concussions, fractures, and traumatic brain injuries generally require extensive medical treatment and can cause permanent or long-term damage. Back injuries, such as herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, and muscle tissue damage, also commonly arise from a car accident. After a sudden stop, whiplash can cause severe neck sprains and strains, and it can develop into complex and painful conditions that are difficult to treat effectively. In addition, injuries to the chest often result from blunt force trauma, such as internal bleeding, organ damage, broken ribs, and collapsed lungs.

Some common injuries in car accidents may manifest several days or weeks after the accident. This can be an important consideration in pursuing legal action to recover damages. In New Mexico, the deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit is three years from the date of the injury. There are several exceptions if certain circumstances are met, including one that extends the deadline to the date that the injury was discovered or should have been discovered.

Compensation for Injuries After an Accident

In a typical scenario, if a car accident victim’s insurance company or the negligent driver’s insurance company denies the claim or fails to make a settlement offer that sufficiently covers their losses, the victim will pursue a personal injury claim against the driver and the insurance company. The plaintiff can retain an injury attorney to represent them during negotiations with the insurance company as well as in court. An injury claim based on negligence requires the plaintiff to prove that the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care while driving and caused their injuries as a result of this negligence. A distracted driver, for example, may be found negligent for texting while on the road and colliding with another vehicle.

In addition, the plaintiff must prove the amount of damages that they suffered. In a New Mexico personal injury action arising out of a car accident, economic and non-economic damages may be awarded by a judge or jury. Damages include compensation for past and future medical bills, non-medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, loss of consortium, and loss of household services.

Take Legal Action with Guidance from an Albuquerque Attorney

If you feel pain immediately after a motor vehicle collision or at any time thereafter, you should promptly seek medical treatment and follow the recommendations of your health care professional. Personal injury lawyer Matthew Vance can advise you about any legal claims that you may have against the negligent driver after learning about the accident and your injuries. Matthew Vance has successfully represented plaintiffs in many catastrophic injury cases and can assist residents of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, Socorro, Truth of Consequences, Deming, Silver City, Alamogordo, Clovis, and other cities. To schedule your free consultation, contact the Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C. by phone at (505) 242-6267 or online.