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Driver who killed pedestrian acts out during sentencing

On behalf of Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C. posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Saturday, February 16, 2013

The sentencing of a New Mexico man has brought more woes for the family of a 19-year-old man who was killed by the perpetrator. According to authorities, the teenager was riding his bike across the country with a group of friends in order to raise money for breast cancer awareness. He had left his home in Pennsylvania in May 2010.

In June of that year, the 19-year-old was struck by a man in Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico. The pedestrian accident occurred while the young man was riding his bike along a highway located on a Native American reservation. It was unclear whether the collision had killed the cyclist instantly or if he sustained injuries that he later succumbed to. Charged with negligent homicide, the driver reportedly showed no remorse. He pleaded guilty to his charge in October and will be spending six months in jail.

After receiving his sentence -- 182 days of incarceration -- the man reportedly stuck his tongue out at cameras. In addition to this behavior, he reportedly used expletive-laden language toward reporters and other individuals. When getting into his car, he mentioned the victim of the crash and seemed to suggest something about the photos that were taken of him.

Some saw the convicted man's behavior as taunting toward the family of the deceased. The victim's father was at the sentencing, reportedly hoping for an apology. The driver's actions and words were far from this. Previous discussions with the family about the case indicated that the charges did not ease the pain of their loss. When asked about the man's actions in court, the father said that the New Mexico man seemed to be sorry for what happened to himself, not the 19-year-old whose life he took.

According to reports, the man's actions could land him in jail earlier than expected. He also could find that new charges have been filed as prosecutors search for ways to punish him for his remarks. On top of that, the family of the deceased man may choose to seek further justice through civil court.

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