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Bicycle Accidents

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New Mexico is the nation’s second-deadliest state for bicyclists. The reasons range from the state’s high rates of substance abuse, (i.e. intoxicated, impaired, and drunk drivers), to a lack of designated bike lanes. Even without designated bike lanes, cars are supposed to share the road with bicyclists. Drivers of cars too often do not respect people riding bikes. When drivers of cars and trucks don’t respect the rights and safety of bicyclists it can lead to serious injuries or fatal consequences for the bicyclist.

It is the law that drivers of motor vehicles must keep a proper look out, they must give their full time and attention to the roadway, and they must act to avoid hurt others when driving a car. That has been the law for a very long time. However, drivers still do not take the time to see bicyclists or give space to a bicyclist on the roadway, leaving bicycle riders vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

As a motorist, respect the rights of the bicyclist that may be on the roadway next to you. Motorist owes a bicyclist the same rights as they would another vehicle on the roadway. In New Mexico it is the law that every person riding a bicycle on the road shall have all of the rights that drivers of vehicles have. Bicyclists are not somehow second-class citizens because they are on a bike.

Know the law and your rights as a bicyclists.

Even more though, in the City of Albuquerque, a motorist owes a bicyclist a special duty to proceed with caution around a bicyclist and pass a bicyclist at a reasonable speed and at a safe distance (less than five feet is not a safe distance). When it comes to bicycle lanes or bike paths, a motorist has to look out for bicyclists in the bike lane and has to yield the right-of-way to any person on a bike in a bike lane or on a bike path.

For more information about bike riding in the Albuquerque, check out some helpful information from the City of Albuquerque:

No matter what, drivers of cars, trucks and other automobiles cannot bully bicyclists. They need to respect the rights of bicyclists and respectfully share the roadway with bicyclists.

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Know the Rules of the Road for Bicycles

It’s important to know the rules before you take your bike on the road. Knowing the rules helps to make sure you are as safe as possible from the dangers of inattentive or careless drivers. The rules related to riding a bike come from state statutes and from local city our county ordinance. You will want to check your local law and ordinances before taking your bike out on the roads.

Generally a bicyclist has the same rights and duties as a driver of a motor vehicle. (§66-3-702 NMSA 1978). That means bicyclists need to remember to follow all of the rules just like they were driving their car. Don’t forget to stop for stop signs, obey traffic lights, yield when you are supposed to yield, and generally try to be safe and courteous to others. That general rule also means that motorist generally owe you the same right they owe to other vehicles.

As a bicyclist, you are expected to:

Ride on the right side of the roadway as much as possible. (§66-3-705 NMSA 1978).
Exercise due care when passing a standing vehicle or one going in the same direction you are. (§66-3-705 NMSA 1978).
When riding in groups, you should generally ride single file on the roadway. (§66-3-705 NMSA 1978).
Be safe – you can’t ride in a manner that would create a public safety hazard. (§66-3-705 NMSA 1978).

Your bicycle is to be equipped with:

A seat (§66-3-703 NMSA 1978).;
brakes (§66-3-707 NMSA 1978).; and
a bell (§66-3-707 NMSA 1978). .

If you ride at night you will also need a lamp on the front of your bicycle and a red reflector or light on the back. (§66-3-707 NMSA 1978). The head lamp and rear reflector or light will need to meet the specific guidelines set out by State statute or city ordinance.

Riding your bike on a sidewalk.

Generally a bicyclist is supposed to follow the law just like a person driving a car. However, the City of Albuquerque does permit a bicyclist to ride their bike on a sidewalk when there is not sufficient room on the roadway, a bike lane, or adjacent bike trail in the same direction of travel. If you are riding on the sidewalk, remember to follow the rules for a pedestrian, ride slowly, pass pedestrians on the left, and ride on the sidewalk to the right of the roadway for your direction of travel.

If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a bicyclist or have been hurt because of an inattentive or careless driver, please call me to see how I can help.

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