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Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyer

In a single moment, the negligent and careless actions of an individual or organization can lead to extensive damages and sometimes lengthy medical treatment for victim(s). Based in Albuquerque and licensed across New Mexico, Matthew Vance is an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for those who’ve sustained injuries as a result of another’s careless or reckless conduct.

Born and raised in Santa Fe and settled in Albuquerque, attorney Matt Vance is committed to advocating for the residents and visitors of New Mexico’s larger metropolitan areas, quaint villages, and beloved rural communities.  Through the years, Matthew Vance has represented and recovered millions of dollars in verdicts, settlements, and awards for injured parties and their families across the Land of Enchantment.

I find it rewarding to represent the “little guy” and “underdog” against the “goliaths” and “wrongdoers.”

When you love what you do and believe in what you do, you excel at it.

– Matt Vance

Customized Representation During Each Stage of Your Case

Whether you have suffered injuries in a serious semi-truck accident or slip, trip and fall, you will likely want a legal advocate by your side offering continued guidance for your specific case and circumstances.

Unlike big law firms, Albuquerque personal injury lawyer Matt Vance provides one-on-one, customized representation to each of his clients every step of the way – until the case is resolved.

A Thorough Understanding of How Insurance Companies Operate

Insurance companies are typically involved in most personal injury cases. They all have trained adjusters and defense lawyers who know the process and legal system inside and out.

Unfortunately, they are in business to protect their interests, not yours. Many often deny or devalue claims. Getting an advocate on your side to protect your right to maximum compensation is vital!

After many years working as an insurance defense attorney, Matt Vance has an in-depth understanding of the games insurance companies and adjusters play. He knows how to anticipate obstacles and build a solid strategy for his clients.

Auto Accidents

According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, 40,769 traffic crashes were reported for public roadways in New Mexico in 2021 alone.  With 30% of those crashes resulting in a report of personal injury, Albuquerque attorney Matthew Vance provides personal and one-on-one support and representation through claims and litigation processes statewide.

For many of us, commuting to and from work and school is a part of our necessary daily routine.  When we get behind the wheel or into the passenger seat, we are asked to place our trust in other drivers on the road while also doing our part to act with care and concern for others.  Unfortunately, and all too often, whether because of negligent inattention, phone use, or driving under the influence of mind-altering substances, (e.g. alcohol, marijuana, meth, etc.), the irresponsible actions of others cause collisions on our roadways which can result in injuries to other drivers and/or their passengers.  With prior experience as a defense attorney for insurance companies, Matt knows the ins and outs of the auto claims process and how taxing it is to be unexpectedly forced to navigate these processes concurrently with recovering from injury.  The Law Office of Matthew Vance strives to relieve as much of this stress as is possible by providing one-on-one, personalized representation, frequent and open communication, and diligent advocacy for those who have been injured by another driver.

Trucking Accidents

Of the estimated 40,000+ collisions that occur in New Mexico each year, approximately 1,400 of those involve semi-trucks.  These collisions differ greatly from accidents involving smaller, personal vehicles due to the massive   size and weight of the vehicle involved.  Further, the claims process is often more complex, at times involving corporations with retained legal firms ready to represent their interests alone.  You deserve an attorney who is experienced with these complex issues, as well as the state and federal regulations that apply to big truck drivers.  Albuquerque personal injury lawyer Matthew Vance is passionate in his pursuit of justice for individuals injured in these often-devastating collisions. 

Pedestrian and Cyclist Accidents

Albuquerque is home to mild weather and over 400 miles of bike paths and trails, connecting our city and creating opportunities for everything from leisurely walks to morning commutes, evening bike rides around your neighborhood, or training for the next Run for the Zoo.  Regrettably, New Mexico has ranked poorly among the most dangerous states for pedestrians for far too long.  Cyclists and pedestrians on foot face significantly worse outcomes when involved in a crash with a motor vehicle, making it even more vital to have an attorney on your side who is willing to fight aggressively to hold accountable motor vehicle operators who act without regard for the safety of pedestrians.  Until the paths and sidewalks of our urban and rural communities become safe for ALL, Albuquerque personal injury lawyer Matthew Vance is qualified and dedicated to representing injured pedestrians and their families.

Premises Liability

What are your rights after you’ve been injured on someone else’s property?  In New Mexico, homeowners and landowners owe a reasonable duty of care to those who lawfully enter their property; this includes but is not limited to properly maintained walkways and steps, suitable lighting, floors free from debris and clear of slippery substances, and adequately trained and secured pets.  Further, for businesses and rental properties, this may include adequate safety and security measures meant to protect visitors and residents from third parties and even criminals on the property.  More specifically, apartment managers and owners have a duty to reasonable protect their tenants from criminal activity on the property.  In Albuquerque, Matthew Vance is a reputable personal injury lawyer skilled in handling premises liability claims and litigation against private and public entities across New Mexico who have negligently failed to keep their properties safe.  If you believe you or a loved one suffered injuries because of unsafe conditions at a business or private property, you may be entitled to a recovery.

Wrongful Death

When tragedy strikes, the family of a deceased individual is left to navigate waves of grief and the search for answers and accountability.  If you believe your loved one’s life was wrongfully cut short as a result of another’s’ negligent or reckless behavior, you may be entitled to file a claim for Wrongful Death against the responsible party, and you don’t have to navigate these systems alone.  Get the compassionate care, communication, and customized representation your family deserves at the Law Office of Matthew Vance.  Personal injury attorney Matthew Vance and his Albuquerque-based team are here to help you navigate the arduous pursuit of justice for the life lost, and the loved ones who survive them.

When the actions or inactions of another result in physical injury, emotional suffering, and financial hardship to you, Matthew Vance is the skilled attorney you need and deserve.  Let us help you bear the weighty legal processes as Matt offers attentive and customized representation, so you and your family can worry less and focus more on recovery and healing.  Call us today!

Matthew Vance

Meet Matthew Vance

The Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C., based in Albuquerque, is a law firm committed to fighting for people hurt or harmed by the careless or reckless conduct of others. We represent everyday people that have been hurt or harmed by the negligence of others...

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I would recommend his services. They have a very informative staff as well. He helped me gather the most out of my car accident settlement and I'm most thankful that I went with Matt instead of a big name law firm you see on tv. When I was injured he was able to come to my house and do my first...

Audrey I.

Great and honest, helped me a lot to win my case.

Amir S.

Mr. Vance was attentive, diligent and even keeled throughout the process of fighting for my case. He exhibits a quiet and calm confidence in what to do and how to prepare. He always gave me the facts and did not BS me with exaggerated promises. He always treated me and my family as people, not a...


Matt and his team are amazing. They contacted me when I needed to come into the office to sign forms, and they only bothered me when they had a question on something. They took care of everything from beginning to end. I am so appreciative of them. And would refer them to my closest friends.

C. J.

Matt and his team are absolutely amazing and helped me more than enough with my case. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. He made a very difficult situation, seamless. Thank you so much!

Chris G.

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