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Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C., is a law firm committed to fighting for real people hurt or harmed by the careless or reckless conduct of others. It takes just a few seconds for an accident or incident to happen, but it can take years for a victim to recover from the physical and emotional harm suffered due to someone else’s careless or reckless conduct. A tragic sudden death or catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord damage or brain trauma, can result from avoidable accidents caused by negligence, such as car, truck, and other motor vehicle collisions. When those collisions involve commercial vehicles – semi-trucks or “big rigs” – the sheer size of those commercial vehicles can turn a minor crash into a major crash with serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been involved in any vehicle accident, car crash, or other incident, Albuquerque personal injury lawyer Matthew Vance is ready to help you.


You have been injured in a car accident, a trucking accident, or hurt because of the careless or reckless conduct of someone else. Perhaps some fool driving another car or a bully in a big rig just smashed your car to bits, hurting you, your friends, or your family. What seemed like just another day, filled with plans and expectations, turned into a bizarre nightmare. How could this happen? Why you? Now you are without your car. You can’t get to the places you are supposed to go. There are bills for medical care; bills for the ambulance, bills for the Emergency Room visit, bills for the doctor at the Emergency Room, bills, bills, bills. You never planned on these bills; you never budgeted for them. They could break you. You need compensation for your losses but the insurance company isn't being fair. The insurance adjuster for the other person doesn’t seem to care, never calls you back, denies their insured did anything wrong, or is offering you next to nothing for all those bills and what you went through. This can’t be fair. This can’t be right.

The insurance companies have trained adjusters and defense lawyers that know the process and civil legal system. They've been specially trained to do their jobs. Unfortunately you can expect them to work against you, attempting to use the claims handling process and the legal system against you.

You can expect that they will attempt to deny or devalue your claim, paying you nothing, or less than you are legally entitled to in the hopes of underpaying as many claims as possible. If they can underpay your claim and then repeat that process on a few thousand or million more cases, then have just made a stack of money off of you and others they duped. Don't be duped. Don't take a chance.

Our law firm is committed to helping ordinary people fight for their legal rights, such as the right to recover compensatory damages that result from others’ negligence. We understand both the law of negligence and the practical side of car and truck accident litigation. Since Mr. Vance has spent over 25 years in the legal industry and has experience negotiating, litigating, and even arbitrating negligence cases, he is an Albuquerque personal injury attorney who knows what it takes to vigorously advocate for an accident victim against a large insurance company. We pursue and, when needed, sue the bad guys. We are a plaintiff’s personal injury law firm. Our firm fights for individuals hurt or harmed when someone acts to break a law or needlessly endangers you.

I learned the profession from the ground up. I have had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the best attorneys in the State of New Mexico, if not the nation. I have always believed in what I do and representing every client zealously. I find it rewarding to represent the “little guy” and “underdog” against the “goliaths” and “wrongdoers.” When you love what you do and believe in what you do, you excel at it. ---- Matt Vance

Matt Vance understands all too well the games that insurance companies and adjusters play with injured people, having worked early on at an insurance defense firm before dedicating his energies to advocating for the rights of victims. Anticipating the obstacles that may arise, he can help injured individuals and their families build a solid strategy when bringing a claim after an accident. Most of these cases are based on a theory of negligence, which requires proving the four elements of duty, breach, causation, and damages.

In most situations, such as car and truck accidents, the duty of care consists of behaving in a reasonably prudent manner, as an ordinary person would behave in a similar situation. Said another way, people have a duty to act as an ordinarily prudent person would under the circumstances.

A person or entity that does not conform to this duty and causes harm to someone else as a result may be liable for damages. People who act carelessly or recklessly should expect to be held responsible and accountable for their actions. When the negligent act, or fail to act, in a way that causes hurt and harm to others, they are legally obligated to pay for the damages they cause. Some common forms of compensation include those related to monetary losses, such as past and future medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and loss of future earning capacity. Moreover, victims may also be legally entitled to damages for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other damages to make up for the harms caused.

If you don’t act to hold them responsible and accountable, then they are only further encouraged to break the rules again and to act to endanger and hurt others. It is important that you act quickly to protect your rights after a car accident, trucking accident, or incident.

A thorough investigation is critical after an accident or truck wreck occurs. It can be critical to properly investigate and preserve evidence in your case. Depending on where the crash or incident occurred, there may be physical evidence at the scene that needs to be reviewed, measured, or collected. An expert may need to be retained to visit the scene, take measurements, and analyze evidence before things are changed or lost. Skid marks, rest position of vehicles, and crush damage of motor vehicles can be critical to an accident reconstructionist's review of a crash and its causes. In semi rig crash cases it may be necessary to obtain copies of the driver's log book; ECM data, or other electronic monitoring device; the trucker’s driving record, including traffic citations and past accidents; as well as information concerning whether the trucking company may have violated federal laws with respect to mandatory rest periods and maximum hours of driving per day. Both the driver and his or her employer may be held liable if each of them acted carelessly. Company records, safety records, and other data may be lost or destroyed if not preserved. Company document or data policies or other public records, like Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration company safety records, may call for the destruction of information after a limited time period. Delay may result in the loss of evidence critical to your case and holding the negligent defendant or defendants responsible.

At the Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C., we will work with you to collect the evidence necessary to prove your case and, when needed, pursue a legal case for negligence against the careless or reckless person or persons that caused you harm.


Matt Vance was born and raised in Santa Fe. He is committed to New Mexico and the people throughout New Mexico.

I grew up here. My family is here. My friends are here. My wife and I are raising our son here. This is my community. I am committed to making my community a better and safer place. I do that in many ways, but one way is through the work I do - holding others responsible for their actions when they are unwilling to do so on their own.---- Matt Vance

We have litigated thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. We don’t take every case and not every case is worth millions, but we have the knowledge, confidence and ability to help you recover the most you are entitled to recover for the harms and losses caused to you by the wrongful conduct of someone else or a bad company putting profits ahead of people and safety.

We know what matters most to you -YOUR CASE- no matter how “big” or “small.” It’s your case. It may be your only case; we get that. We will fight for you!


Albuquerque accident attorney Matthew Vance assists victims of car and truck accidents on major highways across New Mexico, such as Interstates 10, 25, and 40 or Highways 550, 491, 380, 285, 64, 54, 60, and 84. Mr. Vance was born and raised in Santa Fe. As a lifelong citizen and resident of New Mexico, he deeply respects the interests of the people in his community and offers each client the personalized, professional attention that his or her case deserves. For a free and confidential case evaluation, call us at (505) 242-6267 for an appointment or contact us online. We are available in the evenings and on weekends, and we pursue most of our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. The Law Office of Matthew Vance also represents accident victims in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Los Alamos, Taos, Raton, Gallup, and Rio Rancho, among many other communities.

How Can Matt Vance Help You?

We are a law firm that represents real people with real injuries. We pursue claims and cases against those responsible for car accidents, trucking accidents, bicycle wrecks, and unsafe premises. We hold careless companies responsible for their actions, including negligent hiring, negligent supervision, negligent training, and negligent retention of employees that endanger and hurt others. We also fight insurance companies that use illegal and unfair claims handling practices to break their promises.

Matthew Vance

Matthew Vance is a local attorney helping personal injury victims in New Mexico. Matt Vance was born and raised in Santa Fe. He is committed to New Mexico and the people throughout New Mexico...

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