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What protects you as a passenger hurt in a New Mexico crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Car Crashes

Car crashes injure tens of thousands of people every year and sometimes cost people their lives. The drivers responsible for causing collisions aren’t the only ones who may suffer injuries in a wreck. The passengers in a vehicle can also end up seriously hurt.

If you got hurt in a wreck as a passenger in one of the vehicles involved, you may have questions about what rights you have to compensation. After all, medical costs after a crash can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, and you could lose weeks of income while you recover.

What insurance and personal injury options are available to passengers hurt in New Mexico collisions?

Determining fault is important

Insurance companies only want to pay when there is an active policy and the policyholder is the one with final liability for a situation. Although one insurance company may initially make a payment to those affected by a crash, they may subrogate the claim later by asking for compensation from someone else’s insurance company.

If the driver of the other vehicle is to blame for the collision, then, as an injured passenger, their insurance policy will theoretically pay for your medical costs and property damage expenses. If the vehicle you were in is the one at fault for the crash, then the owner of that vehicle will provide you with insurance coverage. Your policy could help you if the driver at fault for the crash does not have enough insurance to pay for all the damages they caused or if they didn’t have insurance at all.

What about civil litigation?

Those left injured by a serious car crash in New Mexico can file lawsuits against the driver who caused their injury or even third parties who contributed to the collision. Typically, you need some evidence of misconduct or negligence to have a viable claim in court, and you will also need proof of expenses that their insurance would not cover.

Many people dealing with the aftermath of a serious car crash require help getting the compensation they require given the circumstances. Learning more about insurance and personal injury laws can help those affected negatively by New Mexico motor vehicle collisions.