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Bus crashes or collisions tend to be even more catastrophic than any other. Buses carry people, which increases more suffering from a single incident.

Generally, bus crashes also involve more severe injuries – unrestrained by seatbelts passengers are more likely to be thrown around, colliding with each other and the physical structures of the bus.

The potential for human tragedy and injury is greater in the event of a bus crash than any other type of motor vehicle wreck.

Common Reasons For Bus Accidents

Bus crashes occur for a number of reasons: unqualified drivers, driver inattention, driver distraction and inadequate/improper maintenance to name a handful.

Another danger presented by buses involves left turns and potential harm to pedestrians or other motorists sharing the roadway. Left turns can cause visibility issues for drivers – they have to work to look around side mirrors and bus frames.

More than one untrained or inattentive bus driver has failed to look while executing a left turn through an intersection and mowed down a pedestrian legally in the crosswalk. Turning left also, depending on the layout of the roadway, means turning across the path of oncoming lanes of traffic. With the extended size of a bus, this can present a risk to passengers and oncoming traffic.

With the increased danger so too does the duty of the bus driver increase to exercise the highest degree of care.

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