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The law in New Mexico is clear – it is the duty of every operator of a vehicle, at all times, to keep a proper lookout and to maintain proper control of his vehicle so as to avoid placing the operator or others in danger and to prevent an accident.

The duty to keep a proper lookout requires more than merely looking. It also requires a person to actually see what is in plain sight or is obviously apparent to one under like or similar circumstances.

It is bad enough when people do not exercise ordinary care. It is bad enough when someone risks our safety because they are a negligent driver or a distracted driver. It is a special kind of bad when they are an aggressive or reckless driver – when they knowingly or heedlessly endanger us.

Recoverable Compensation

Compensatory damages and punitive damages are two types of damages injured parties can recover from at-fault reckless drivers.

Compensatory damages are funds paid to make up for the harms or losses that were caused, like medical expenses. Punitive damages are funds paid by the reckless or aggressive driver as punishment and to deter that particular person, and others like them, from engaging in reckless, willful and wanton conduct.

The amount of punitive damages you could recover will depend upon the circumstances of your case and what happened, including the nature of the wrong and such aggravating or mitigating circumstances as may be shown.

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