Insurance Bad Faith

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When you pay your premiums on time, you deserve to think that your insurance company will be there for you, backing you up and paying you fairly for your claim. The truth is, though, when you file a claim against your policy, you are viewed as a hostile claimant, despite what they try to tell you in their television commercials.

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If you have been denied a legitimate claim for property damages from your auto or homeowners insurance, or are facing delays in health insurance or life insurance coverage, your insurance company may be dealing in bad faith. Talk to an experienced insurance litigation attorney right away. I am personal injury trial lawyer Matthew Vance. For more than two decades, I have been helping people recover full and fair money damages in claims and lawsuits against insurance bad faith practices.

Contact me to discuss your claim. I will provide a free consultation and explain how you can fight for a fair claim, including punitive damages that will force the insurance company to pay you additional money, as well as your attorneys fees.

Bad faith insurance and denied payments occur in any type of claim, including:

New Mexico law is strict about enforcing coverage but insurance companies have a way of fighting back until you give up. Have you experienced any of these insurance bad faith practices?

  • Denying that the property was covered in the policy
  • Excessive forms and delays in responding to claims
  • Requesting further information multiple times
  • Not disclosing coverage that is in the policy
  • Claiming you were late paying a premium
  • Claiming you caused the accident

From my office in Albuquerque, I represent insurance bad faith plaintiffs throughout New Mexico. I have a successful record against many of the largest national insurance companies. Before you get frustrated and give up, contact me.