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Helping You Recover For A Dog Bite Or Animal Attack Injury

Most dog bites don’t cause serious injury and, to be fair to the dog, many people who get bit did something to provoke the animal. If you have been seriously injured by a dog or animal, though, you could be facing long-term medical care in addition to your pain and suffering.

Assistance From Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney Matt Vance

Personal injury attorney Matthew Vance has years of experience handling personal injury claims in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, having extensive knowledge presenting these cases in and out of court.

He has seen the serious damage a dog bite or animal attack can do. Muscle damage and scarring can require years of medical treatment, immobility and chronic pain.

He knows the process and strategies that help you recover the money you deserve to fix what can be fixed and the money to make up for what can’t be fixed.

What If The Dog Belonged To A Friend Or Family Member?

Many people are concerned about filing an insurance claim against a friend or family member. You have to remember, however, that you were injured, perhaps seriously.

Attorney Matt Vance handles dog bite cases with the utmost compassion. He works with the homeowners insurance company to seek the money damages you deserve. In most cases, the homeowners insurance will cover the claim, often with little financial repercussions to the policyholder.

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