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Blind Spots: A Culprit Of Many Truck Accidents

Big rigs have big blind spots, sometimes referred to as the “No Zone,” the place where the truck driver can’t see. This simple and well-known fact does not excuse the negligence or recklessness of truckers who fail to properly check their blind spots before changing lanes or making other traffic maneuvers, thereby causing dangerous and potentially deadly collisions with innocent motorists.

Truckers, like other drivers, have a duty to keep a proper lookout and use reasonable precautions while operating their vehicles. Since professional drivers are well aware (or should be aware) that there are dangerous blind spots around their trucks, they should use an appropriate amount of caution when changing lanes.

This is something professional drivers went to commercial motor vehicle driving school for. It’s something they are required to be able to do. This obligation includes making their intentions known in time for drivers of other vehicles to react appropriately.

A failure to uphold this obligation can result in a finding of liability if and when an accident occurs.

Understanding Comparative Fault In New Mexico Auto Accidents

As with other lawsuits arising from motor vehicle collisions, it is not uncommon for a defendant semi driver or trucking company to claim “comparative fault” and say you as the driver was partially or even largely to blame for the accident.

In New Mexico, pure comparative fault is applied to auto accidents. This means that damages are awarded to an injured party proportionate to his or her degree of negligence. If a jury concludes a plaintiff was 10% responsible for the incident, damages will be awarded minus 10%.

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