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Pursuing Compensation For Auto Accident Injuries Caused By Commercial Truck Brake Failure

With several major highways running through New Mexico, truck accidents are common occurrences. Many semi-truck crashes are, unfortunately, caused by a failure to properly examine brake systems.

Who Is To Blame?

In big rig accident cases, there may be multiple defendants that share the responsibility for brake failure. The truck driver operating the vehicle is likely to blame, however, the trucking company could also be responsible under the law. In some instances, the manufacturer of a defective truck or component may also be partly responsible.

Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney With The Skill And Knowledge To Uncover Responsible Parties

Albuquerque truck accident lawyer Matthew Vance has the experience, knowledge and skill to determine who should be held liable for your truck accident injuries.

He knows how to properly investigate an accident and the rig maintenance records, secure documentation regarding injuries and medical bills, and build a solid case.

Matt has substantial experience handling jury trials as well as arbitration and mediation and, as a result, has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for those injured in truck and other auto accidents.

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