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Get Compensated For Injuries In A Rear-End Accident Involving A Truck Driver

Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 are major trucking corridors in New Mexico. Semi trucks and big rigs from across the country, Canada, and Mexico pass through Albuquerque and the Big-I.

Tractor-trailers are the Goliaths of our roadways, and the commercial truck drivers who operate them are expected to be professional drivers, trained to operate these large vehicles in a safe manner.

Unfortunately, some professional drivers are not careful. Many fail to follow the rules, keep a proper lookout, scan ahead or observe their speed. As a result, collisions with vehicles in front of them occur.

Due to the sheer size of a semi truck, serious injuries, even death, to passengers in those vehicles occur. Fortunately, victims of accidents involving inattentive drivers have a right to pursue compensation to pay for medical expenses, surgical procedures, rehabilitation, lost wages and more.

Legal Representation From A Reputable Albuquerque Attorney

Albuquerque personal injury attorney Matthew Vance represents those injured from rear-end truck collisions from inattentive truck drivers. Matt understands both federal and New Mexico Department of Transportation regulations that apply to truckers and trucking companies. He uses this knowledge to develop strategies to help his clients.

Matt was also a former insurance defense attorney representing insurance companies prior to recovering for victims of truck accidents. He knows what is needed to prove a case.

Learn more about his past verdicts and settlements.

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