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A Commercial Vehicle Stopped On The Side Of A Road Poses A Risk To Drivers. Those Who Have Been Injured Have Rights.

Many of us have seen semi trucks or tractor-trailers stopped on the side of a highway or road.

Commercial drivers who stop their vehicles on the side of a roadway must abide by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and turn on flashing lights, place cones and other safety precautions.

However, some commercial drivers fail to take such appropriate steps, which poses a significant danger to vehicles moving on the roadway. If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a truck accident because of a stopped truck, you may have legal options.

Possible Parties To A Truck Accident Injury Lawsuit In New Mexico

A claim for compensation may be brought against the driver of the vehicle for failing to take appropriate safety measures.

A claim could also possibly be brought directly against the trucking company if the company was negligent in its training or management practices or failed to abide by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

Help From A Trusted Legal Advocate

Albuquerque personal injury lawyer Matthew Vance has extensive experience handling cases involving negligent commercial truck drivers and commercial trucking entities. He knows the commercial trucking regulations and other laws associated with these types of cases.

He also has a unique insight into insurance entities that are often at the heart of these cases. Prior to helping his client recover personal injury compensation, Matt worked as an insurance defense attorney. He knows what tactics they use and how to build a strong case for his clients.

Whether you need a skilled negotiator or skillful trial attorney, Matt can offer advocacy unmatched by many of his competitors – a big reason why he has been able to secure large verdicts or settlements for his clients.

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