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A Truck Driver’s Failure To Inspect Their Rig Is Unacceptable. If You Have Been Injured, You Have Rights.

Many 18-wheelers and big rigs operate on Interstate 40 and Interstate 25. Some semi trucks that share our New Mexico interstates and highways with us are properly inspected and maintained, but some are not.

When it comes to inspecting and maintaining their rigs, many do not follow the rules. When corners get cut to save time, problems occur. Wheels come off, tires blow out, equipment fails – all of which leaves large debris or parts flying off vehicles and getting stuck on roadways.

Such unacceptable practices can and do cause serious injury or death to other motorists on the road.

Holding Negligent Commercial Truck Drivers And Trucking Companies Responsible

It is undeniable that professional truck drivers and trucking companies have a duty to inspect their trucks and trailers before they head out on the public roadways.

Trucking companies, in particular, have a duty to train their professional drivers in regard to inspection and maintenance. They must also properly supervise truck drivers to be sure inspections are being done and their fleet of vehicles is properly maintained, whether that fleet is one commercial motor vehicle or many.

If you have been injured on a New Mexico roadway due to debris falling off a commercial vehicle or due to a mechanical failure, you have a right to pursue compensation.

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