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Did A Commercial Truck Injure You Or A Loved One?

Every day, we share our roads with semi trucks, tractor-trailers, garbage trucks and other commercial vehicles. Sometimes, professional drivers, vehicle owners and maintenance companies break the rules of the road, betray our trust and put profits ahead of our safety. When that happens, the consequences can be catastrophic for people in smaller, more vulnerable vehicles.

If you need an attorney trained and experienced in handling commercial trucking cases, turn to attorney Matthew Vance at Law Office of Matthew Vance, P.C., in Albuquerque. He helps real people throughout New Mexico hold negligent truck drivers accountable for their actions.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Semi-truck accidents can happen for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons for accidents involving 18-wheelers are:

Trucking accidents are not like car accidents. The physics are different. The mechanics are different. The basic rules are different. Hiring an attorney like Mr. Vance who has training in handling commercial truck crashes is vital to ensuring you recover maximum compensation for your situation.

What Makes Commercial Vehicles So Dangerous?

The number of large trucks on our roads has nearly doubled in the last three decades, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Commercial motor vehicles are different from passenger cars. The average passenger car weighs two tons. A tractor-trailer can weigh 40 tons. When there is a crash, the heavier mass of the tractor-trailer causes more crush damage, catastrophic injuries or death.

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